Founded in 1992 for foreign trade, our company’s subject was mostly to import and export light bulb and lighting materials oriented to the Electrical market.
In 1996, it has introduced two brands to Turkish market through fan importing related to the ventilation of inner areas which was a new field in Turkish market. CONTINUE



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Airluks ventilation systems...

Airluks ventilation systems carry on its quality, service and good price policy in Turkish market for five years. Almost all of Turkey’s famous projects and branded construction companies prefer AIRLUKS fans in their projects. Qualitability proved AIRLUKS brand is also AIRLUKS in the second and third purchases of the construction companies. AIRLUKS will enter year 2007 with new models and will realize a first in Turkey with the new designs. SHOCK news: It will be on the market with VENTILA brand in 2007 with different prices that are appropriate to the purchase power of the public. SHOCK news: In 2007, lightning and ventilation will be combined and again SHOCK news: although the imitations, our company that has introduced the fans with double direction in 2002 to Turkey is continued to be preferred as AIRLUKS. Our new model that will have the same function will be launched in 2007, so we are hiding our new model. We will continue innovations. OUR WEB SITE IS ON AIR! Our web site has started its life. You can submit your opinions and recommendations about our site through filling the information form located in the contact section.

Our web site has been constructed recently

Our web site has been constructed recently. You may pass us your idea, comments or suggestions by filling up an info form which is in communication section.


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